About Us

Here at SafeTalk we accept the right of every person to live with any distress or violence if that person chooses so.
Yet, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be informed and to get help in order to live life without violence and distresses.
And this is what we are here for.

Virtual consultant for people who notice a concerning behavioral change in a friend or a family member.

SafeTalk helps you diagnose the cause and how you can help

SafeTalk's objective is to help you understand why someone you care about acts differently, understand if there is a potential risk, and what you can do to help. We address the victims' social circle, without depending on the victims – so victims of violence and distress will get the help they need.

SafeTalk is a service for community leaders for locating and assisting victims of violence and distress within their community. Our virtual consultant helps people understand whether someone they know is experiencing violence or distress and how to help them.


By asking the user a few simple questions in a simple messages conversation, SafeTalk diagnoses whether there is a potential risk and, if so, alerts and connects the user to professional help for guidance.


It is anonymous, accessible, user-friendly, and can be reached on any platform connected to the internet.

In addition, SafeTalk provides community leaders with data and analysis of violence and distress in the community.